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Sheryl Gu, the owner of Sheryl Design Studio has been making luxury womenswear for 11 years. Her main strength is evening and bridal dresses, mother of bride/groom outfit. From precise tailored fitting to fine embroidery beading details, Sheryl is a highly skilled artisan and pays great attention to details. Among her over three hundred clients, there are many of them travelling as far as from London, Nottingham and Lancaster.

Bridal, evening and prom wear designer Sheryl Gu was born in 70’s China. Back then, fashion was a luxury or even shameful object. There were only 3 main colours for clothing: grey, navy and military green. It was considered embarrasing to show off your fashion taste and style. Until late 80’s, people started to be more open-minded and appreciated pretty things influenced from the West. She was one of those teenagers who loved the western fashion and design. Buying a Vogue magazine would cost  a third of my monthly expense, but she was religiously  buying it every month since she was a high school girl. Since she learnt to sew and knit, she couldn’t stop making things once I had an idea in my mind. The joy and pleasure of making pretty things took me to a new level when she decided to make my own wedding dress 10 years ago. Since then, my dressmaking career has began.
Her studio was first set in Manchester, she has met so may lovely brides and made  so many beautiful bespoke frocks – from simple bias cut silk crepe empire line evening dress, to bold black lace full circle gown, from initial pattern making to the final finishing touch, she loves what she’s doing and enjoying creating beautiful dresses for her lovely brides’ wedding.
Her new studio is based in Chester, west Cheshire. This beautiful historical town brings me lots of inspiration: the Roman wall, the Tudou architecture, the leafy colourful countryside.Our new designs is referred to traditional art and craftsmanship, combing fine lace, beading work with modern fabric draping.  Our brides would appear classic and timeless with a twist of modern look.


Address: 48 Glan Aber Park, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LF

Tel: 07947 500710


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